Sales of electric cars rising in areas affected by ULEZ expansion

Data produced by Marketcheck, the most significant source of data on the UK used car market, show that within the postcodes affected by the expansion of ULEZ, sales of used electric cars have increased.

In the three months prior to the expansion of ULEZ (1st June 2023- 30th August 2023), there were 941 electric cars sold compared to 1013 in the following three months (31st August 2023- 29th November 2023). This is an almost 8% increase (7.65%).

EV Sales within postcodes affected by ULEZ expansion:

Total Sales (01/06/23-30/08/23) Total Sales (31/08/2023-29/11/23) % increase
EV 941 1013 7.65%
Hybrid 3164 3132 -1.01%


Sales of hybrid cars however remained stable, showing a small decline. Using the same time periods before and after expansion, there were a total of 3164 and 3132 respectively. Whilst stable, this represents a slight 1% decline in total vehicles sold.

Alastair Campbell, Marketcheck UK, commented: “These figures show that ULEZ is having a demonstrable influence on the purchase decisions made by people living in postcodes affected by the expansion of the policy.

Hybrid cars clearly remain the most popular choice, but the data point to the increasing popularity of fully electric vehicles.”


About Marketcheck UK:

By tracking data on 650,000 daily car adverts from 11,000 dealers in 14,000 locations, Marketcheck captures an incredible amount of data on the UK used car sector.

Data is matched against the DVLA, SMMT and other sources for normalisation and accuracy.

This includes historical data back to January 2021, broken down by model, price, mileage, days on market, location, website, dealer brand, and so much more.

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