Ozan’s Partnership with Verifone Sets New Industry Standards

The partnership of Ozan and Verifone brings together Ozan’s innovative acquiring solutions with Verifone’s smart payment technologies in Verifone Eko Kasa POS. The device sets new standards for payment terminals in Turkey. Verifone Eko Kasa POS is highly dependable with no latency and minimal downtime and allows businesses to collect payments faster, safer and with better commission rates.


Verifone Eko Kasa POS combines the strengths of Ozan and Verifone to deliver a better, faster payment experience to businesses and in turn, to their customers. This device may well pave the way to a new era in payments for brick-and-mortar businesses in Turkey. Ozan’s acquiring infrastructure enables secure, dependable, instant processing and rapid settlement, while the terminal embodies Verifone’s smart payment technology.

Kicking off its operations in Turkey in 2020, Ozan Elektronik Para (Ozan Electronic Money Institution) has rapidly become a key payment solutions provider in the Turkish market through their commitment to delivering innovative financial solutions built on cutting-edge payment technologies. As of 2024, Ozan Elektronik Para is the pioneering, fastest-growing EMI in the Turkish fintech landscape. The EMI is also one of the few e-money institutions in Turkey to hold an acquiring license.


Payment Terminals Landscape in Turkey

Merchants in Turkey heavily rely on all-in-one terminals for payment collection and invoicing. In the past decade, the acquiring service on these terminals has been almost exclusively carried out by banks. The banks’ solutions for merchants often come with older, slower terminals, inefficient infrastructure and software, dependability issues, and hefty commissions and fees.

Verifone Eko Kasa POS offers a faster, more secure, and more efficient payment processes. Verifone Eko Kasa POS stands out as the new, reliable and economical choice for businesses and is likely to lead to an inflexion in how brick-and-mortar businesses get paid.


Founder Dr. Ozan Ozerk Points Out Customer-Centric Transformation

Commenting on the new payment solution, Dr. Ozan Ozerk, the founder of Ozan Elektronik Para, emphasised the company’s constant focus on the needs of businesses and customers when developing new solutions. Dr. Ozerk commented, “We try and go beyond the typical financial services but strive to understand our customers’ needs and provide them with the best service possible. Building on our strengths, we achieve this through a solution-oriented approach and with strategic partnerships such as the one we have with Verifone.”


CEO Omer Suner on Fast and Secure Payment Processes

Omer Suner, CEO of Ozan Elektronik Para pointed out their aim to make financial solutions more accessible. He stated, “With this strategic collaboration with Verifone, we offer an innovative, flexible, and profitable payment solution to a wide range of businesses. We needed to make a difference in payment collection for in-store businesses and place a faster, more affordable, and more profitable solution for businesses on the offer. Our collaboration with Verifone represents a significant step towards achieving this goal. Verifone Eko Kasa POS will significantly enhance the customer experience, driving transformation in the industry. Our overall success lies in making the financial world more accessible through the speed, security, and efficiency we provide to our customers and we position the Verifone Eko Kasa POS project as a significant milestone for us.”


Ozgür Ozvardar, Verifone’s Vice President and General Manager responsible for Turkey and the MENA region stated, “With our extensive global and local experience spanning many years, Verifone continues to provide payment and trade solutions to leading brands in the retail sector, major financial institutions, and over 600,000 businesses. This collaboration, bringing together Verifone’s international and local experience and Ozan’s innovative vision, surpasses our customers’ expectations in payment processes. Our goal is to increase efficiency and accelerate transformation in the industry by offering safer, faster, and smarter payment solutions to consumers and businesses. We continue to progress with determination for the success of all our stakeholders on this journey.”


About Ozan Elektronik Para (EMI – Ozan Electronic Money Institution):

Ozan Elektronik Para is an electronic money institution in Turkey with licenses and memberships from Visa, Mastercard, UnionPay, BKM, and Troy. Its Ozan SuperApp/SuperCard products provide individual financial solutions to end-users. Meanwhile, Ozan Business products address all payment and collection needs of medium and large-scale businesses and ventures. Ozan Elektronik Para offers innovative solutions such as FijiPOS, FijiCash, and FijiPlace, QR payments, link payments, virtual and physical POS, payment gateway, and dealer collections. Ozan Elektronik Para operates in Turkey under Law No. 6493 and is authorised to make agreements with member businesses as per Law No. 5464.


About Verifone:

Verifone is the payments architect shaping ecosystems for online and in-person commerce experiences, including everything businesses need – from secure payment devices to eCommerce tools, acquiring services, advanced business insights, and much more. As a global FinTech leader, Verifone powers omni-commerce growth for companies in over 165 countries and is trusted by the world’s best-known brands, small businesses, and major financial institutions. The Verifone platform is built on a four-decade history of innovation and uncompromised security, annually managing more than 14B transactions worth over $450B on physical and digital channels. Learn more at https://www.verifone.com/tr/tk


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