Chris Ronald, VP B2B EMEA at employee benefits platform Blackhawk Network Extras, provides readers with some top tips on how to host the best Christmas party this year

As we approach the festive season, it’s time to start thinking about organising the perfect office Christmas party. At Blackhawk Network Extras, we understand the importance of creating memorable and enjoyable events for your team. That’s why we’ve put together a festive collection of office Christmas party ideas that will make ’tis the season to be jolly.

Office Christmas parties offer numerous benefits, such as making employees feel valued, improving staff retention, boosting motivation, and strengthening workplace friendships. In fact, the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) considers Christmas parties the most popular Christmas perk.

So, let’s dive into some fantastic ideas to ensure your office Christmas party is a hit:


Ask the audience:

Before planning the party, take the time to ask your team what they’d like. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution, and considering diverse preferences, dietary needs, and accessibility requirements is key.


Christmas Jumper Party:

Embrace the festive tradition of ugly Christmas sweaters. Let employees showcase their holiday knitwear and turn it into a fun contest with prizes for the most outrageous jumpers.

Christmas Karaoke Party: Provide a festive soundtrack for your employees to sing their hearts out. It’s a fantastic way to bond over classic holiday tunes.


Christmas Cooking Party:

Host a culinary adventure where teams prepare a festive feast together. If an in-person event isn’t feasible, a virtual cooking class can also be exciting.


Christmas Party in a Box: Consider gifting employees a selection of holiday-themed items or money-saving employee benefits. This gesture not only spreads joy but also provides long-lasting financial relief.


Christmas Quiz:

Test your employees’ knowledge of holiday traditions, music, and movies with a Christmas-themed quiz. Offer prizes for correct answers to add some friendly competition.


Pantomime Party:

Embrace the theatrical spirit with a pantomime-themed party. Encourage employees to dress up as their favourite pantomime characters for an unforgettable night.


Secret Santa Party: Add a twist to your Secret Santa tradition by hosting a party where employees open their gifts together or create personalised Christmas-themed cards.

Photo Booth Party: Capture memories with a holiday photo booth, complete with festive props and backdrops. Let employees get creative and have fun with selfies.


Remote Office Party:

Include remote employees by organising virtual holiday activities such as trivia quizzes, gift exchanges, carol singing, and more.


Festive Escape Room Party: Transform your office into a Christmas-themed escape room for an immersive adventure. It’s a great way to promote teamwork and collaboration.


Charitable Party: Foster a sense of community and togetherness by organising charitable activities like collecting items for the local food bank or volunteering at a shelter.

Winter Wellness Party: Prioritise employee well-being by offering a day of self-care activities like spa sessions, yoga, massage, and meditation to alleviate holiday stress.


Christmas Movie Party: Create a cosy cinema in your largest meeting space for a holiday movie night. Don’t forget the seasonal snacks and mulled wine!


We hope these ideas inspire you to plan the ultimate office Christmas party that your employees will truly appreciate. Remember, it’s all about celebrating the season, building connections, and spreading joy within your workplace.