On Wellbeing launches unique corporate wellbeing app to connect with the ‘hard to reach’, rather than just the ‘worried well’

Empowers employees with essential wellbeing knowledge, skills and techniques in wellbeing management

On Wellbeing launches today with a unique science-backed digital wellbeing platform and app that promises to revolutionise the way organisations prioritise and manage employee wellbeing.

Until now, conventional thinking has been that it’s the employer’s duty to ‘fix’ any mental health issues that their employees might have. But On Wellbeing’s holistic toolbox and mental health support system will empower employees directly in total self-care and wellbeing management. It will equip them with the essential knowledge, skills and techniques to enable proactive self-care and total wellbeing management, on their own terms.

Further, it aims to connect the ‘hard to reach’, as well as the ‘worried well’, by providing a safe and private space for individual employees to explore the level of support they require, in total anonymity. In this way, On Wellbeing will break down typical barriers in employee engagement and encourage a more proactive and empowered approach to self-care.


Dr Nicola Eccles, On Wellbeing’s Head of Mental Health and Wellbeing, explains: “Most of today’s wellbeing apps appeal only to the ‘worried well’. These are people who are stressed and anxious but basically coping. On Wellbeing goes beyond that to also connect with the ‘hard to reach’ – those who are most in need of help but who are reluctant to engage with traditional wellbeing approaches and programmes.”

From ‘intention to action’

It’s a timely launch because, currently, workplace wellbeing isn’t working. While the UK’s corporate wellbeing market is valued at £2.8bn, primary research conducted by On Wellbeing – involving 30 HR directors of 200+ employee businesses – revealed widespread dissatisfaction with current wellbeing programs, mainly due to low user engagement. HR experts cite employee apathy, low user engagement and the difficulty of convincing senior execs of the ROI of these schemes as the main barriers.

There is also some employee cynicism about wellness programmes being a ‘box ticking’ exercise by the business and concerns about anonymity. Crucially, unlike many competitors, employees using On Wellbeing cannot have their activities tracked by employers. Research shows that engagement suffers when employees feel they are being monitored.

Dr Nicola Eccles added: “On Wellbeing will take users from intention to action, when it comes to building their mental resilience. It equips individuals with practical skills, rather than just providing information, to bridge this gap. It will help people to thrive, rather than just survive.”

Underpinned by a unique 3-tier system, it harnesses the latest thinking in behavioural science to drive users from intention to action. And unlike other wellbeing apps, it’s 100% focused on mental health. No breathwork, no yoga tutorials. Because good mental health is the foundation of total wellness.

A brighter future for mental wellbeing

On Wellbeing is set to make a profound impact on corporate wellbeing and individual mental health. With a unique and science-led approach, it provides practical skills and tools to thrive in an ever-changing world. It does this through a unique 3-tier system within the app. While competitors may use some of these approaches, On Wellbeing is the first platform to combine all three.

Key Features

Your Toolbox

Enables a diverse group of users to build a bespoke set of coping/resilience skills through interactive games, activities, podcasts and more. This gamified approach, seen in apps such as Duolingo and Pokemon Sleep, has been shown to have a positive impact on mental health and wellbeing. Throughout On Wellbeing, the user’s point-scoring interactions with the app’s games keep them engaged in activities that help them to improve low mood, increase self-esteem and reduce anxiety.

Your Space

Like a Pinterest board for mental health, this section of the app helps users to reflect and understand themselves, by creating bespoke journals and image galleries, for example, to integrate gratitude and purpose into their daily lives.

Your Community

Unlike other corporate wellbeing apps, On Wellbeing places a strong emphasis on organisational engagement. This space is where companies can integrate information on their specific in-house projects and wellbeing initiatives – as well as those in the wider community – making it a mental health tool with real-world applications. It’s like a company intranet, but one specifically focused on the employer’s mental health initiatives and wellbeing opportunities.

Such is the excitement about the launch of On Wellbeing that several organisations have already signed up as customers. They include UA92, Wye Valley NHS Trust and King Edwards College. The app is also shortlisted for App of the Year at the Prolific North Tech Awards 2023


Dominic Bennett, CEO of On Wellbeing, said, “We’re setting the gold standard for corporate wellbeing platforms – a science-led, skills-based app that’s tailored to individual users and that employs behavioural science techniques to build mental resilience. There’s nothing quite like it on the market.”

Kate Wood, Work Health Hub and Mental Health and Productivity Pilot Manager at the University of Derby, said, “The University of Derby are thrilled to be part of the pilot for On Wellbeing as the app encourages us all to take responsibility for our mental health. My role sees me work closely with businesses, helping them carve out a great culture, engage employees and roll out effective wellbeing initiatives. On Wellbeing will lift us to the next level, encouraging all individuals to take responsibility for their own wellbeing. Because while your employer has a duty of care, we also have a duty to take care of ourselves. And On Wellbeing helps everyone do that.”


For more information about On Wellbeing and how it can benefit your organisation – or to see a demo – visit On Wellbeing’s website.