The Benefits of Small Meetings

Bigger doesn’t always mean better when it comes to meetings, in fact, smaller meetings can have a greater impact on business goals and attendee wellbeing.

Rachel Phillips, Sales Director for The Celtic Collection, discusses the benefits of smaller meetings and some tips on how to make them work for your business.


Have a clear objective

Former Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has a famous rule for smaller meetings, if it takes more than two pizzas to feed everyone at a meeting, then it is too big.

Meetings are designed to share new ideas and knowledge, for delegates to share updates on projects and to make clear decisions. Before sending invites to your meeting, you need to make sure it has a clear objective and outcome, as not everyone on the team will be able to contribute to the discussion.

According to a study by global organisational consulting firm, Korn Ferry, 67 per cent of respondents reported that their productivity is negatively impacted due to spending too much time in meetings and calls.

By carefully selecting the attendees that are needed and freeing up the diaries of those who aren’t, you are increasing productivity, focus and creativity across all aspects of your business.


Keep it top line

If you are reducing the number of people at your meeting, you should also consider reducing the agenda points. We have all sat in lengthy meetings which could have been an email so, as you’ve selected the most relevant people to attend, it is important to only discuss items which require clear outcomes and actions.

You have selected these attendees for a reason so make sure that you keep them engaged and keep the meeting relevant and the outcomes easier to digest and delegate.

A change of scenery

It can be hard to feel creative when you are staring at the same four walls or laptop screen, so scheduling an in-person meeting away from your daily work location will be much appreciated by your attendees. With a smaller group you can be creative about the location and structure of your meeting; why not factor in a meeting on the move, opt for a space outside which is surrounded by nature.

Across The Celtic Collection there are a wide range of smaller meeting spaces to suit business needs, and they aren’t all boardrooms either. Alongside our traditional spaces at The Celtic Manor Resort, our Hunter Lodges overlook the iconic Twenty Ten golf course and Usk Valley, and can be used for intimate meetings of up to eight people. To keep attendees fuelled we can even organise for a private chef to create you a delicious and energising lunch utilising some of Wales’ incredible produce.

For those looking for a space in the heart of Cardiff, we have The Telegraph Room at The Parkgate Hotel which is the perfect size for smaller meetings and gatherings of up to 50. Intimate and atmospheric, this elegant private dining room evokes the property’s rich history as the city’s former Head Post Office and County Court.  Being in the heart of Cardiff is incredibly beneficial, with plenty of beautiful open spaces to explore including Bute Park, which is a short stroll away from the hotel.


Food for thought

While all our meetings spaces offer catering options, you can always change up the setting by taking your small meeting straight to a restaurant or café. If Jeff Bezos measures his meetings in pizza, then who are we to argue against the benefits of sharing ideas while sharing food?

We are very fortunate to have 10 restaurants across The Collection, serving delicious dishes from a range of cuisines including PAD Asian at The Manor House, Steak on Six at The Celtic Manor Resort, The Rib Smokehouse & Grill at Coldra Court Hotel, The Sorting Room at The Parkgate Hotel, and the Newbridge on Usk, in the heart of the Welsh countryside with idyllic views of the River Usk.


There are also abundant opportunities for adding team-building activities to the agenda from treetop high ropes adventure to wellness experiences in the spa.


The Celtic Collection team are happy to provide guidance and suggestions on the perfect meeting spaces to suit your delegates and business needs. For further information contact us on +44 (0)1633 410252 or discover our meeting and events offering on our website