Avolve Software to merge with DigEplan, Creating Market Leader in Electronic Plan Review Software

SCOTTSDALE, Arizona, March 28, 2022 – Leading electronic plan review companies Avolve Software and DigEplan will merge, the companies announced Monday. The combined entity, operating under the Avolve Software brand, will draw upon extensive experience and an expanded product suite to become the global leader in electronic plan review. As part of the transaction, a strategic investment was provided by Polaris Growth Fund.

Avolve and DigEplan provide cities, counties, and other municipalities innovative software to manage their plan review processes as part of their permitting procedures. Each company offers a unique solution for digital, end-to-end plan review management, dramatically improving efficiency and creating a vastly better applicant experience compared to paper and legacy software.

Since its founding in 2008, Avolve has delivered industry-leading software with its ProjectDox platform, which automates the manual, paper-intensive, and frequently inefficient building plan review process. Together, Avolve and DigEplan will offer solutions for every city, county, and state, from small towns to large metropolitan areas, across a global market.

“The merger of Avolve and DigEplan, backed by Polaris’ resources and expertise, creates a superior market position for Avolve Software. Avolve and DigEplan have distinct and complementary strengths that will enable us to serve this entire market. Together, we will dramatically increase our reach and the value we deliver to our customers and business partners,” said Gary Heath, CEO of Avolve Software, who will assume the role of CEO at the combined company.

“This is not only an exciting time for Avolve and DigEplan’s customers, employees, and partners, but also for the plan review market as a whole. This merger reflects strong category growth and the need for solutions to modernize processes that are critical for community economic development. The combination of these two brands will enable us to deliver an unmatched product offering to address those needs,” added Gary.

Founded in 2011, DigEplan was created to address the limitations of paper-based reviews and the lack of integrated digital solutions to efficiently view, review, and approve permitting plans and documents.

“In joining forces with Avolve, we will continue to provide innovative solutions to help cities, counties, and municipalities to deliver efficient electronic plan review,” said Jason Matthews, CEO of DigEplan. “Our talented team remains focused on building integrated partnerships with permitting platforms. Outstanding customer service and category-leading electronic plan review solutions have always been at the heart of DigEplan, which is mirrored by the Avolve team, creating a company with strong, unrivaled expertise to enable customers to modernize and streamline permitting services.” Matthews will assume an executive role at Avolve Software, overseeing its international business.

Serving more than 250 jurisdictions in five countries, Avolve will continue to support and invest in the existing software platforms offered by the merged companies. Additionally, this transaction will unlock significant resources and efficiencies to strengthen the company’s ability to serve current customers, accelerate its reach to new customers, and expand the depth and breadth of its relationships with permitting software vendors and professional services providers.