Speedcast Adds Software Path Certification from AWS to Its Cloud Qualifications, Bringing New Value to Customer Solutions
  • Technical validation of Speedcast SIGMA adds to the company’s credentials within the APN, including Advanced Tier Services and AWS Public Sector Program
  • Speedcast’s SIGMA platform runs on AWS to provide customers with simplified network management and quick adaptation for changing operational needs
  • Speedcast subject matter experts collectively hold more than 32 AWS certifications and 84 AWS accreditations to help customers navigate a secure and flexible path to cloud and application modernization

Houston, Texas — March 22, 2022 — Speedcast, a leading communications and information technology (IT) services provider, announced today that it has been recognized as an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Software Path partner and its SIGMA cloud-based platform has received technical validation from AWS. The designation follows an AWS Foundational Technical Review of the company’s cloud implementation of SIGMA, its smart network management platform, allowing quick adaptation for changing operational needs. The SIGMA platform enables seamless integration of very small aperture terminals (VSAT), cellular, 4G/5G satellite backhaul, and L-band connectivity to deliver high capacity and high reliability for even the most remote operations.

SIGMA on AWS unites Speedcast’s fully managed, end-to-end network management solution, which creates a unified and adaptive network environment from multiple and changing transmission paths, with the flexibility and scalability of AWS. It includes advanced cybersecurity as a service, the ability to run value-added applications in virtual machines, and automated traffic prioritization and management. In its AWS implementation, SIGMA provides an even more cost-effective and secure connection to a company’s cloud and on-premise applications and data without adding new hardware or deploying new resources. The combination delivers improved business continuity, reduced costs, and increased flexibility.

“This latest Software Path accreditation is a reflection of our successes delivering cloud-based solutions in AWS to drive digitalization for customers,” said Joe Spytek, Chief Executive Officer at Speedcast. “Leveraging our SIGMA software-defined smart network management and AWS services, we can deliver full value to the edge for customers to maximize what their remote sites can achieve.”

The Software Partner certification is the latest in a line of AWS designations, dating back to 2019 when Speedcast became one of the first satellite service providers to achieve Advanced Tier Partner status. Speedcast secured the designation in part due to the company’s demonstrated capability and success in delivering multiple cloud-based solutions to customers. The Advanced Tier Partner status also required Speedcast employees to achieve the following individual certifications: AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner, AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional, AWS Certified Advanced Networking – Specialty, AWS Certified Security- Specialty, and AWS Certified Database-Specialty. Today, Speedcast employees collectively hold more than 32 AWS certifications and 84 AWS accreditations, demonstrating the scale of their cloud expertise, capabilities, and engagement in the AWS ecosystem to deliver unsurpassed knowledge to customers in technology selection, application support, routing and acceleration, and service design.

Speedcast is also designated as an AWS Public Sector Partner, validating the company’s solutions for their sound architecture and adherence to AWS best practices, which translates into reduced technology risks for customers.

The implementation of SIGMA on AWS allows networks to further scale and grow to meet customer needs, letting Speedcast connect any customer site to AWS through SIGMA with a satellite-optimized Virtual Private Network as part of an existing service. No additional hardware or connectivity is needed because SIGMA becomes the on ramp to the cloud.

With SIGMA on AWS, customers future-proof their networks and operations, gain instant scalability and increased agility, and can seamlessly control their operations. SIGMA is just one of Speedcast’s unique network management applications now running in AWS. Others include Speedcast TrueBeam, which combines smart satellite beam-switching and software-defined traffic steering to maximize network performance, and Speedcast’s SD-WAN solution, which creates a virtualized network from the capacity of all the circuits available to it. To learn more about the Speedcast SIGMA platform visit www.speedcast.com/sigma.