The True Benefits of Having a Solar Panel Installation in 2021 and Onwards

You may have a fair idea of what advantages you can avail of if you have a solar panel installation on your property, and these advantages are also known by many. For one, you can have your very own electricity produced by your solar panel system, and you don’t have to rely as heavily on the national grid. For another, you can save money, and your savings can be even more substantial if you can register for the SEG or Smart Export Guarantee scheme, where you can sell back your extra power to the grid. But it’s an investment that lasts for as many as 20 years and more, and throughout that time, you will continuously generate electricity. But what else are the benefits that come with an installation such as this, especially in these times? Here are the actual benefits of having a solar panel installation in 2021 and onwards.


  •   It’s a lot less expensive than before

 Granted, solar panel installations may have been quite a hefty expense in the past – but times are changing fast, and an installation today is guaranteed not to be as expensive as before. With advancements in technology, more demand, and more manufacturers, the average price of installations has gone down significantly in recent years. As a matter of fact, it’s cheaper by at least 50% for anyone to have a system installed today compared to just eight years ago. The cost of a standard 3.5 to 4kW solar installation was approximately £12k in 2011, but by mid-2017, it had already gone down to around £6000, with certain installations at only £4k.

The average residence with three occupants or more would usually need a system with a size of 3kW, which can have around 12 solar panels. With the cost per solar panel at approximately £400 to £500, the total cost for an installation would be around £5000 to £6000. Many homes in the UK have about 12 to 16 solar panels to meet their requirements on energy.


  •    It offers greater efficiency

 As mentioned, we can now benefit from more advanced technology in solar panel systems, and even a domestic solar panel installation can be as much as 14 to 20% efficient, with an efficiency level of up to 22% if you opt for a better brand that works at maximum output. If you want premium efficiency from your solar panel installation, it’s best to install the panels on a roof that faces south with a 30 to 45-degree angle. Speaking of roofs, if you want something more lightweight and aesthetically appealing, you can even go for a unique solar panel roof with an integrated/in-roof solar installation.


  •  It doesn’t come with running expenses and it has a long lifespan with low maintenance requirements

 Once you have had your system installed, you don’t have to be worried about any running expenses. You may, of course, want to get them professionally cleaned twice a year so they can get optimum sunlight, and you may have to spend on the cost of trimming trees around your roof. But apart from this, there’s no need for maintenance. Most panels will also come with a 20- to 25-year warranty, so if there is any technical issue, they will fix them without any charge to you.


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