A List of the Top Perks You Can Get with a Serviced Office Lease

As a business, you may suddenly be on the verge of expanding, or you may feel the need to downsize. This can put you in a quandary: how can you get the office space you require on short notice? If you are under a conventional lease, you will face some difficulties, especially if you have more than a years’ contract with your landlord. But there is one solution that may prove the best solution for you: the serviced office. Serviced offices are now taking the top spot amongst many businesses, particularly those experiencing growth and various changes, and it’s perfect for the startup enterprise as well. But what benefits can this solution bring? Here’s a list of the top perks you can get with a serviced office lease.


  •        No lengthy time to set up

Moving into a new office with a conventional lease may come with challenges – not only do you have to set up the providers and facilities you need, but you also have to acquire furniture and various equipment. But the same isn’t true with a serviced office – whilst you can always choose a serviced office with furniture, you can also move into one with just the utilities and facilities you need, like telephone and broadband connections. But the point is, you can move in, and you don’t have to deal with a long time for setting up. In addition, you can begin working right away with a minimum of downtime on the same day. Since most businesses cannot likely afford to lose even just one day of operations, this is a reassuring benefit and reduces your stress even further when you move.


  •     Useful and affordable services

If you opt for a traditional office lease and need meeting or conference rooms, you will have to equip them yourself. But serviced offices come with a bevvy of useful and affordable services, such as ready-to-use meeting rooms, which you can book by the day or hour, reception services on a pay-as-you-need basis, and communal maintenance and cleaning services. In addition, you can rely on other services, depending on the serviced office you choose – from on-site parking to handset/telephone rental to security after-hours – such as the services offered by business space in Manchester providers like Cariocca Enterprises.


  •          Flexible terms

Running a new business is unpredictable, and you never know what will happen from one day to the next. But this aspect is something that serviced offices are fully prepared for – providers know that startups and expanding businesses need a flexible solution, so they are more than willing to provide it. Of course, it wouldn’t be helpful if you are bogged down by a year-long contract for your office space, especially if you are starting. But with a serviced office, you don’t have to worry about losing your deposit if you move out too early, since you can rent the space per month (or even per day).


  •          A chance to meet and network with other business owners

 Not only do you have the chance to become more accessible to your clients with a space you can call your own – but you also have a chance to meet and network with other business owners and like-minded people. In addition, some serviced offices have communal pantries and breakout areas, and you and your employees can take advantage of these and perhaps come across a unique opportunity to collaborate.


Image attributed to Pixabay.com