Loyalty pays as Leeds-based company increases workforce by over 112%

White Label Loyalty has experienced rapid growth fuelled by a perfect storm of privacy, personalisation and the pandemic

White Label Loyalty, a company that allows businesses to acquire, understand, engage, and retain customers while providing bespoke reward experiences has expanded its workforce by over 112% – with more to follow.

The recruitment drive has seen its workforce more than double in just over six months since the end of lockdown restrictions in March. Expansion has taken place across all departments from C-level through to sales and account management. Despite this, the company will continue to recruit for further positions between now and the end of the year. These positions will be in; operations support, engineering and marketing.

Achille Traore, CEO, White Label Loyalty, said, “The combination of changes to how the big tech companies share data, the impact of GDPR and customer consent and the pandemic, which forced businesses to pivot and find ways to better service their customers digitally, has created a perfect storm. The result is a huge spike in demand for personalised loyalty programmes, which have become a major asset for brands looking to cultivate long-term customers.”

While the company headquarters remain in Leeds, White Label Loyalty has recruited talent globally. It now has employees based in India, London, Edinburgh, Poland, Prague, Leicestershire & more. The company was already on a steep growth trajectory. It has experienced a 300% YoY growth since its launch in 2015 but following the spike in demand this year, it is expecting to exceed to better that with 2021/22 being its biggest year to date.

Traore concluded, “The demand for loyalty programmes is great news for all parties. On the one hand, they provide customers with a tailored and optimal experience. On the other, they enable brands to extract insights that are truly valuable, helping inform wider investment and business decisions. It’s a sector that we expect to continue to grow for some time.”