KPS joins the global MACH Alliance

KPS has announced its partnership with the fast-growing MACH Alliance to promote flexible, cloud-based IT architectures. With its membership, KPS is underlining its position as a provider of future-proof platforms for digital customer interaction that enable enterprises to precisely align their business to the customer in the shortest possible time.

The MACH Alliance is a global association of independent technology companies. The Alliance is committed to accelerating the dissemination of future-proof IT architectures based on the MACH principles: Microservices, API-first, Cloud-native SaaS and Headless.

Harnessing these technology principles, companies are able to develop powerful platforms for customer engagement, consulting, sales and service that seamlessly connect all channels – digital and analog. The MACH Alliance aims to help these architectures achieve a rapid breakthrough so that end customers will be able to enjoy their best digital experience at all times.

Modern digital architectures delivering superior customer experience

The philosophy of the MACH Alliance is in line with the vision of KPS: it helps to realise projects quickly, agilely and efficiently. KPS has been building large customer interaction platforms based on MACH principles in customer projects for several years. As a transformation partner, KPS assists companies in becoming even more successful in their markets. Numerous awards impressively confirm the success of this approach. With its platforms, KPS delivers the ideal interaction of high-performance, fully integrated business processes and leading ERP systems.

As a member of the non-profit MACH Alliance organisation, KPS will be promoting the dissemination of state-of-the-art digital architectures. In addition, KPS clients will benefit from direct collaboration with thought leaders of the CX technology scene.

A pioneering alliance

“I’ve worked with Barnaby Moffat and the team at KPS for nearly a decade, their quality of work and commitment to getting the best for their clients has shone through every project. Having them on board as members of the MACH Alliance shows how committed they are to delivering the best outcomes for their clients. Welcome onboard!” Rory Dennis, Executive Board Member MACH Alliance, commented on the recent membership.

“The ideas of the MACH Alliance are forward-looking, especially with regard to the agile realisation of ongoing, consistently optimised digital customer experience. We look forward to our close cooperation with the MACH Alliance boards to enable even more companies worldwide to benefit from the advantages of flexible technology ecosystems,” adds Thomas Sindemann, Vice President, KPS Strategy & Innovation.