How technology is helping employers tap into the global workforce to find key skills and talent

The rise in remote working since the Covid-19 pandemic is expected to accelerate the numbers working freelance globally, says Nicolas Speeckaert from skeeled, a provider of AI predictive talent acquisition software, and enable employers to widen their recruitment search and plug any skills gaps.

A recent survey by PeoplePerHour[i] highlighted there was increased demand for freelance talent in 2020, a trend set to continue in 2021.

67% of companies say they are using freelancers to bring new skills to their business and 42% are using flexible talent to speed up projects. 28% also said they had turned to freelancers to help move their business online.

Tech and digital skills are likely to be high demand post pandemic because of this move online. McKinsey[ii] highlighted in a study last year that 85% of companies have accelerated digitalisation of key channels – supply chain, customer, and employee – and 67% have accelerated automation and AI.

Other skills likely to grow in prominence in the next five years according to the World Economic Forum[iii] are critical thinking and problem-solving, as well as skills in self-management such as active learning, resilience, stress tolerance and flexibility.

Nicolas Speeckaert says, “The pandemic has shaken up the jobs market. More people are working remotely, with many expected to continuing doing beyond Covid-19. This has given some the opportunity to switch careers, out of choice or necessity, and join the growing number of skilled freelancers and contractors.

“The skills employers need in their business have also changed with digital skills and the softer skills of resilience and communication more in demand. As a result, the rules of recruitment have shifted too, and many organisations have embraced virtual recruitment to hire people with the right skills and onboard them successfully.

“Whilst some did this as a response to the pandemic and people working remotely, it’s likely that virtual recruitment is here to stay as it opens up the recruitment pool to the entire world. Using virtual recruitment tools employers can effectively search the globe for the right candidates for their business.

“Our software enables companies to accurately sift and select only suitable candidates based on the details of their CV. It ranks and evaluates them against an employer’s job specification and the skills needed, selecting only candidates that match the requirements. This saves time in the early stages and helps manage large volumes of applications

“The software also offers predictive pre-hire assessments, which allows companies to be more strategic and run an efficient selection process, by moving from traditional experience-based assessments to selecting candidates with the right attitude and potential. Another key benefit for those recruiting globally is that software can be used in five languages.

“Pre-recorded video interviews can be used to identify top talent early in the process so that employers only advance the best candidates too. These videos provide candidates with the same set of structured and standardised questions and offer an easy way for employers to compare answers to make a fairer selection.

“As the world moves beyond the pandemic, employers can use virtual recruitment to easily tap into the global workforce. Geographical boundaries no longer need to be a barrier to recruitment.”

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