Punter Southall Aspire helps employers support over 50s with new ‘Aspire to Retire’ service

More than half (52%) of UK adults are worried they won’t be able to afford their current lifestyle as pensioners, with13% planning to delay their retirement because of the financial impact of Covid-19[i], according to a recent poll from You Gov. 

Research from Punter Southall Aspire suggests employers are failing to support their staff as they approach retirement, with six out of ten failing to offer guidance on what to do as people reach 55: the age at which they can access their pensions.  

In response, Punter Southall Aspire  has launched ‘Aspire to Retire,’ a technology platform for companies to offer employees interactive tools, helpful resources, videos and articles to help demystify retirement planning   

The service is tailored to the key stages people go through as they age, such as turning 50; being one year away from withdrawing benefits or ready to take their benefits. 

Punter Southall Aspire CEO Steve Butler says, “Too often people put off thinking about retirement and then don’t know where to turn for guidance, which can lead to poor financial choices.  

“Aspire to Retire is a 21st century solution for mid and later life working and retirement planning to help employees map out and save for a retirement that is financially secure. 

“We help people make more informed choices so companies have something to offer their employees at what can be a stressful time of their lives.” 

The cost-effective service is tailored to how much employers want to spend. 

For example, the standard package includes a quarterly, multi-channel campaign and annual engagement survey, access to a resource hub with articles, videos and personal support and guidance, as well as a dedicated retirement helpline for employees. 

Clients can also upgrade to include features such as annual retirement webinars or pay for our pension experts for a personal consultation . 

For more information visit: www.psaspire.com