Welsh Government explores long-term remote working options

With more people working from home during the coronavirus pandemic, Welsh Government is exploring options for a network of remote working hubs in towns and communities across Wales.

It wants to work with organisations to support a long-term shift to more people working remotely, with benefits for local economies, businesses, individuals and the environment including:

  • a reduction in travel time and expense
  • more flexibility and better work/life balance
  • increased productivity
  • less traffic, especially at peak times
  • less air and noise pollution
  • the opportunity to redesign our towns and city centres

As part of this, Welsh Government is looking into options for a network of remote working hubs and would like to see a workplace model where staff can choose to work in the office, at home or at a hub location.

This will allow people to work nearer to where they live, allow individuals to work together in their local community, and provide a space for those who cannot or do not want to work from home.

As part of its research, Welsh Government has launched an interactive map, hosted by Commonplace, which asks people if they would like to work remotely and allows them to drop a pin on the map where they would like to see a hub established.

This will gauge demand for local work hubs, indicating where they need to be and if they’re available already.

For more information about the plans or to take part in the Commonplace survey, visit Welsh Government’s remote working webpage. This surveys closes on Friday 26 March.