AI Becomes Reality For Hospitality: It’s Lolly Launches Lolly Snapserve

Vision-based, cashierless checkout serves up seamless style and speedy transactions

It’s Lolly, the digital EPOS and commerce specialist, is proud to debut Lolly SnapServe – its cashierless, fully-automated checkout solution. The vision-based, automated system creates a swift and completely contactless walk-through experience for the customer and is a highly efficient new use of AI technology in the UK hospitality sector.

Perfect for the large corporate canteen or a busy grab-and-go hospitality environment, Lolly SnapServe is designed to eliminate queues and improve efficiency. Time per transaction can be reduced to just three seconds. Customers simply place their tray under the vision-based kiosk, which uploads a photo to the SnapServe system. To pay, the      customer      scans the unique     QR code on their Lolly app to identify themselves,      and checks out. The customer’s order confirmation and receipt will be sent through within a few minutes of their check-out showing a list of items purchased and a digital receipt that they can review in the App.

By removing the touchscreen and human contact elements at the checkout, Lolly SnapServe helps support social distancing, and other Covid-19 safety protocols.

Any canteen can get started with 100% accuracy from day one, without change to business processes, or training. The kiosk is simple to manage, with packaged and standard items requiring just a single photo to be uploaded to the system. Fresh daily dishes, or new/special menu items take just a moment to upload via a mobile phone image.

Security features are inbuilt to the checkout, providing the hospitality provider with peace of mind. If a guest leaves without successfully authorising payment, the kiosk displays a warning and flashes a red light.

Peter Moore, CEO of It’s Lolly: “We are very excited to be launching Lolly SnapServe to market and using AI to improve efficiency for both providers and customers. Hospitality providers now have the opportunity to utilise this advanced technology and offer next level seamless service. Lolly SnapServe is part of Lolly’s integrated product range, thus creating a fully closed-loop ordering and payment environment.

“From a commercial point of view, Lolly SnapServe makes real business sense. This is not technology for technology’s sake. The product’s commercials work. SnapServe uses computer vision and AI to speed up transactions, reduce queuing times (which aids social distancing) and improve hygiene, as touch screens and human contact are removed from the checkout process.

“SnapServe is the next stage of Lolly’s evolution as we continue to work with clients to take technology and the customer experience to the next level.”