XpertHR offers practical steps for creating a more diverse and inclusive workplace

Diversity and inclusion remains high on the corporate agenda, after the brutal killing of George Floyd by a US law enforcement officer earlier this year stirred the collective consciousness, prompted an outpouring of emotion and catalysed many difficult and authentic conversations around race.

XpertHR says organisations need to take action to harness the increased awareness created by these conversations and embed a culture that fosters genuine diversity and inclusion.

Many organisations have already started to improve their diversity and inclusion strategies. Research from XpertHR[i] earlier this year found that diversity and inclusion is firmly on the agenda for the majority of employers, with just over half (53.9%) undertaking diversity and inclusion initiatives, and a further third (34.2%) planning to introduce them over the coming 12 months. However, organisations are realistic about just how much work they need to do to achieve the objectives on their diversity and inclusion agenda.

XpertHR is offering employers guidance on how to create a more diverse and inclusive workforce, including short and long-term measures in a new webinar with Roianne Nedd, a diversity and inclusion expert, author, speaker and life coach. The webinar is available to listen to via XpertHR’s on-demand webinars hub.

In the one-hour webinar Roianne, who is global inclusion and diversity lead at management consultancy firm, Oliver Wyman, looks at why organisations should care about diversity and inclusion, how they can get the basics right and create a more inclusive workplace and build on the progress their organisation has already made.

The webinar also covers the key steps organisations can take to improve diversity and inclusion including carrying out a diversity and inclusion audit and review, defining targets and KPIs and creating a measurement framework.

Roianne Nedd is dedicated to improving workplaces for all employees by helping organisations to embrace the principles of diversity and inclusion. She provides expert oversight on inclusion and diversity topics across all Oliver Wyman’s offices in 60 cities worldwide.

She specialises in cross-cultural diversity, inclusive leadership, intersectionality and financial inclusion, as well as being the firm’s strategic lead for racial, ethnic and cultural diversity. In her spare time, Roianne runs The Trusted Black Girl Network founded after the publication of her book of the same name.

The webinar is available to listen to here. Webinar: Practical steps to create a more diverse and inclusive workplace (xperthr.co.uk)

XpertHR offers an extensive range of tools and resources to support organisations to embed a culture that fosters genuine diversity and inclusion, visit: https://www.xperthr.co.uk/topics/equality–diversity-and-human-rights/diversity-and-inclusion/

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