Guardian Service’s Simon Mac Rory talks about Winning a Gold Award and Making a Difference with Staff Liaison Services

Simon Mac Rory, the CEO of The Guardian Service, talks about why a gold award for their new video matters to him and could make a difference for organisations and employees across the country.

The Guardian Service is the UK’s leading provider of independent and confidential staff liaison services. Established in 2013 in response to significant failures of care in the NHS, our service now covers over 200,000 NHS staff and is diversifying into new sectors.

Our unique model helps organisations of all sizes and their employees navigate together through today’s evolving challenges. Our experienced, flexible and diverse Guardians are available 24/7 to encourage staff to speak up with their ideas, innovations and issues. The independence of the Guardians encourages staff to speak up, and brings many benefits to organisations, their employees and the people they serve.

To reinforce the importance of speaking up, and to reach staff with different working patterns , the Guardian Service commissioned a short and powerful video to be easily shared during the pandemic

The concept from the Edge Picture company blew me away. They instinctively got what the Guardian Service is about and the idea and script behind the video –  “it is about something that happened at work today” – really reflects the experience of those we support. The video was produced in June of this year and when I saw the final product, which is just 40 seconds long,  it evoked a strong emotional reaction in me, and still does each time I view it.

To win a gold medal at the 2020 LDN EVCOM film awards was the icing on the cake. One judge called the film “beautifully conceived and directed”. The team and I are so proud of the final film.  The award means we have a film that promotes our brand and helps maintain staff awareness of our service. Winning gold is a public and professional recognition of its strength of a simple yet vital message – your voice will be heard.

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