Surecam And Peoplesafe Launch Video-Enabled Lone Worker Protection Solution In Fleet-Industry First

SureCam and Peoplesafe have entered into a strategic partnership to develop an industry-first lone worker service that better protects drivers in and out of the vehicle. The companies will launch a video-enabled solution that allows footage to be viewed direct from the cameras fitted on the vehicle in the event of an alarm being raised via Peoplesafe’s app, providing added insight into what has occurred. This will also provide additional evidence should any matter progress to court.

“This integrated safety solution is the first in the marketplace to combine the benefits of a lone worker protection service with those of video telematics,” explains Sam Footer, Strategic Partnership Director at SureCam. “The partnership has brought together two likeminded businesses, both leaders in their respective fields, to create a health and safety service that safeguards drivers when they are most at risk.”

Peoplesafe’s lone worker app has been integrated with SureCam’s video telematics platform providing drivers with a quick and easy way to request assistance in the event of a road collision or when they are away from the vehicle. By enhancing the functionality of the app, controllers at Peoplesafe’s Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) will now have access to both audio and video, as well as a detailed employee profile via its portal. Footage from SureCam’s forward-and dual-facing cameras, will provide immediate evidence of what has happened at the front, rear or inside of the vehicle when an incident is reported.

Driver ID functionality will also be introduced, so the lone worker app can be used to scan an in-vehicle QR code and confirm exactly who is driving. This will enable SureCam’s video telematics platform to report by driver, which will be particularly useful for companies that operate a pool of vehicles that are not designated to a particular employee. In particular, fleets will gain complete visibility of who is operating a vehicle when a collision, near miss or harsh driving event occurs.

Naz Dossa, CEO of Peoplesafe commented: “Drivers are often the most in danger when they exit the vehicle – as a result of slips, trips, falls or an act of violence – so our lone worker services offer another layer of protection to that already provided by vehicle tracking and video telematics. By working with industry-leading technology partners, such as SureCam, we can develop innovative, sector-specific solutions that mitigate employee risk and support high levels of duty of care. This is an important part of our growth strategy amongst vehicle operations within the fleet, road transport and construction sectors.”