Howden launches new redundancy service for employers as UK faces highest redundancy levels since 2009

Howden Employee Benefits & Wellbeing is launching a dedicated redundancy support service to help employers support workers being made redundant and equip them with information and practical advice delivered by impartial, independent experts to help them plan for the future.

New research from ACAS, the independent public body that offers employment advice reveals that more than a third of UK employers plan to make staff redundant over the next three months[i]. This follows recent news from the Office for National Statistics that redundancies have risen to their highest level since 2009[ii].

Howden’s new service enables employers to demonstrate a duty of care to employees being made redundant and send an unequivocal message to those remaining in the business that they care and are committed to looking after them.

For employees, the service includes a 90 minute virtual presentation focusing on the core areas of redundancy and offering practical tips, covering:

  • Being made redundant – what happens now?
  • Preparing for your financial future
  • Looking after your health & wellbeing
  • Securing a new job
  • Useful resources – signposting employees where to go for help

Every employee who attends the presentation will receive a guide packed full of tips and information to take away with them, giving them a lasting source of support.

Rob Atkins, Head of Workplace Savings and Education at Howden Employee Benefits & Wellbeing says, “The coronavirus pandemic has profoundly impacted UK businesses and led to unprecedented trading conditions, including closures to non-essential retail and hospitality during lockdown; declining turnover and low levels of consumer confidence.

“With the UK facing a winter of lockdowns and tight restrictions once again, many employers will be forced to make changes to their organisations and reduce their overheads. Unfortunately for many businesses making some staff redundant will be an inevitable consequence of the disruption and uncertainty.

‘’Our new redundancy service addresses the emotional and practical side of redundancy giving employees vital support and guidance to help them plan for the future. Providing employees with a live and interactive session ensures they have the ability to ask questions and discuss their concerns with independent and impartial experts as well as giving them useful support materials and resources to refer to afterwards”

The service also gives employees access to the mental health app, Havensrock Thrive for 12 months to help them proactively look after their mental health. This includes a wide range of wellbeing tools, support from online coaches and for employees who need long-term support, access to a RedArc mental health nurses.

Christine Husbands, Managing Director of RedArc added: “Employees made redundant can experience a wide range of emotions. Some will feel sad, others angry and many will be worried about the future. All of this can have a significant effect on physical and mental wellbeing, which is why we’ve included guidance and access to the Havensrock Thrive app to help employees manage their wellbeing at this difficult time.”

Rob Atkins adds, “Redundancies are challenging for any business and its employees. A successful redundancy programme is one that is not simply legally compliant but also manages the human aspects of the process. Looking after the health and mental wellbeing of those employees who are leaving the business ensures they have the vital support they need and the confidence to move on with their lives.”

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