Secretary of State visit for Hybrisan

The Secretary of State for Wales, Simon Hart has recognised Wales based Hybrisan for its work in the fight against Covid-19, as part of plans to visit Welsh companies that have made a significant impact during the COVID pandemic.

The MP was able to tour Hybrisan’s facilities and examine the products themselves, including the liquid sanitiser used for surface and hand sanitisation for the NHS and other frontline workers.   The sanitiser, which was developed by Hybrisan is 99.999% effective in killing bacteria and viruses including coronavirus without alcohol, even on surfaces.

Simon Hart was impressed with the company, not only for the work they have conducted throughout the pandemic but with their future plans and has promised to return when the facilities have been completed.

Following the visit, Mr. Hart said: “Hybrisan is a company that was set up to conduct research in the life sciences sector. At the start of the pandemic they downed tools & put all of their efforts into fighting Covid-19.  It has been an unbelievable effort, and it was great to finally meet them at their base in Port Talbot.”

Hybrisan have recently developed an electrospinning recipe which allows the sanitiser liquid to be spun by a cutting edge machine into ultrafine fibres (nanofibres) and is now working closely with Welsh Government and other PPE manufacturers to scale up production of electrospun fibres for use in facemasks and wound dressings.

Dr Chris Mortimer, Technical Director of Hybrisan said: “We were delighted to welcome the Secretary State for Wales at our new facility in Port Talbot. Whilst we have been working on both our sanitiser and face mask material developments we have been constructing our new cutting-edge facility with electrospinning production capabilities and first-class laboratory space. We are planning to open the facility formally in October”

The business announced a successful equity investment raise earlier this year, and has already set about using the capital to purchase a new ‘electrospinning’ machine which will enable them to scale up manufacturing of facemask filters.  The company has plans for expansion and to create new jobs within Wales, in what is shaping up to be an exciting year of growth for the business.