Vizibl Reimagines Supplier Ecosystems with New COLLABORATE 2020 Summit

Vizibl, the leading SaaS platform for supplier collaboration, is launching a new virtual summit, COLLABORATE 2020 on 30th September 2020, that will bring together industry leaders to look at how organisations can reimagine their supplier ecosystems, with a focus on sustainability, innovation, growth, resilience and diversity.

Vizibl is building the world’s leading summit on supplier collaboration in COLLABORATE 2020. It will introduce elements of the real conference experience into a virtual setting, with networking and multiple talk tracks across different virtual stages. The summit will consist of 14 sessions, 3 virtual stages and 25 confirmed speakers and will address issues such as nurturing diversity, equity and inclusion in the supply chain, accelerating growth and innovation with supplier & start-up ecosystems, and building business resilience through supplier collaboration.

There will be a diverse range of expert speakers who will discuss the market sector from a variety of different angles. Speakers include:

·         Detlef Schultz, Chairman of Vodafone Procurement Company

·         Nandini Basuthakur, CEO at Procurement Leaders

·         Alexandra Tarmo, Partnerships Director Unilever

·         Caitlyn Lewis, Founder Mission: Innovation

·         Peter Schmutzer, Partnership & Ecosystem Management at Intel

·         Mark Perera, CEO at Vizibl

·         Circular economy experts, investors, supplier innovation analysts, and consultants.

In today’s world, society and business has been forced into a very different modus operandi. The long-term consequences are not obvious as the readjustment continues, yet for supplier collaboration, the COVID-19 pandemic has clearly demonstrated the imperative for streamlining supplier ecosystems, challenging organisations to think about how collaboration, efficiency and innovation can be encouraged throughout the entire supply chain.

Not only must supplier strategies now support wider business goals, organisations must also demonstrate that they – and their supplier ecosystem – consider the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) framework throughout every facet of their operations; an area that is quickly becoming the new benchmark by which an organisation is measured against its competitors from an shareholder perspective. This, alongside sustainability, innovation and resilience are how organisations and their supply chains will be judged in the future.

To this end, COLLABORATE 2020 will focus on how organisations can manage their supply chains to achieve these ESG objectives. Taking this one step further, Vizibl will also be announcing a new solution at the summit that will directly enable businesses and their supplier ecosystems to drive forward advances in sustainable working.

This will further establish Vizibl as a platform that isn’t solely focused on procurement teams, instead demonstrating tangible benefits for departments such as R&D, procurement, and innovation, helping to drive value across the whole organisation.

“COLLABORATE 2020 is unlike any other summit that’s gone before, covering a wide range of topics that address the future of supplier ecosystems,” comments Mark Perera, CEO of Vizibl. “The quality of the assembled industry experts, and the range of themes they are discussing around reimagining partnerships, will give very clear direction for businesses that are struggling with this, empowering them to take a radical approach to how they build better supplier collaborations for a complex future.

The virtual summit will be taking place on 30th September, at 14:00 BST. To sign up and register for this event please visit: