North West Fintech Business MONEVO Partners with Smart Money App Yolt

North West fintech business MONEVO, Europe’s largest lending marketplace and platform, has announced its partnership with Yolt, the smart money app.

Yolt provides its users a central view of their chosen bank accounts, credit cards and savings. Smart spending insights and the ability to plan budgets, monitor bills, track spending and even switch household bills are all available in the app – allowing users to make informed financial decisions.

Pauline van Brakel, chief product officer at Yolt, said:

“We’re excited to be expanding the Yolt marketplace and partnering with Monevo. It’s increasingly important for people managing their money to have access to a range of financial products and services to best suit their needs.

“The partnership will allow Yolt users to gain access to Monevo’s marketplace via our app, giving users the ability to compare a wide range of loans, saving them time and effort. Therefore expanding our marketplace offering via a loan comparison service with Monevo was a logical next step.”

Tim Kirby, group commercial director at Monevo, said:

“The Monevo marketplace platform has a single goal; to improve consumers’ access to credit. Yolt and Monevo is a natural partnership, Yolt shares Monevo’s passion to innovate and provide world-class products and services.

“Consumers want tech to do their heavy lifting when it comes to finding the right products online. Marketplace solutions are common place in other verticals, take and for example.

“Monevo creates the same user experience when seeking a personal loan. Our deep data insights and AI returns the consumer a personalised, pre-approved table of loan offers from Monevo’s panel of lenders.  Results are all served within the partners’ branded environment, and, importantly, with little development required by the hosting partner.”

Monevo is part of Quint Group, a Macclesfield-headquartered, highly innovative, multi award-winning fintech company.

Greg Cox, co-founder and CEO of Quint Group, said:

“Monevo has always been committed to creating fintech that ultimately improves consumers’ access to the right credit. Partners, like Yolt, can harness our technology to ensure their consumers find the right credit product for them quickly and easily and provides the opportunity to connect their customers with market leading pre-approved loan comparison and search.”

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